Porch addition

A porch can be one of the most enjoyable additions to your home, not only does it add a design feature to the exterior of your home but it is also a room that is meant for relaxing,  a comfortable place to spend  your leisure time.  For every type of house and family’s style there is a perfect porch.   You may just want a large front porch to sit and chat with the neighbors walking by, or you may want a large sleeping porch, a porch for outdoor dining, or an all year outdoor room.

There are so many styles of porches from very simple to elaborate room style additions.   They can be furnished simply with just your favorite rocking chairs, or be a fully furnished room like any other room in your house.    There are many websites that show photos of different porch styles, and your builder should be able to design a porch that will go with the style of your home.  A great book for porch styles is “pleasures of the porch”

Here are a few that Greenwood Construction has done.

A very basic simple front porch addition
front porch remodel

Simple screen porch additions
screen porch additionscreen porch

Existing porch remodel
porch remodel

Simple all season porch
all season porch

Large all season sunroom porch addition with room for a hot tub
sunroom additionhottub in sunroon

Large covered porch addition with an all stone masonry fireplace through the roof with a tv inset, custom designed and built heavy rough sawn cypress bahama shutters, ceiling fans and recessed lighting.
 covered porch addition

Large all season porch addition with dark stained cypress plank decking, solid sassafras columns, custom made cypress doors, Heat and A/C ducts in the ceiling that are controlled by a thermostatic damper so it is possible to make the screen porch not only usable all year but comfortable. The fireplace is actually an insert supported by a block foundation and set in wood framing then veneered with large stones.
all season porchinterior all season porch

We would love to design/ build the porch of your dreams.

Home remodel in the summer heat

Summertime is often when people work on a lot of projects around the house, it is also when you need to be very careful while you are working outdoors. Once you are involved in a project it is very easy to not notice that you are getting overheated, be extra cautious and don’t forget to take protect yourself from the heat and the sun.  Try to work as much as possible in the early and later hours of the day. Continue reading

Bathroom remodel

The bathroom is the other room in the house that is most likely to need updating. A remodeled bathroom can help increase a home’s value. In comparison to a kitchen the bathroom may seem like an easy room to remodel on your own, while the size of the room is generally smaller this is still a big job. Continue reading

Remodeling your kitchen: who should you hire?

When starting a kitchen remodel project your first step is to find someone to design your new kitchen. Your local home improvement store will probably have a kitchen designer for you to work with, you can hire a Decorator or an Architect, or you can use a design/ build Contractor. Bob Greenwood is this type of contractor, what this means is that he designs your project and completes the work. What is the benefit to using this type of Contractor instead of a kitchen designer and then a contractor? Some kitchen designers are not experienced in building and while the design they create for your kitchen looks good on paper, there may be construction things that they overlook, also there is sometimes a mis-communication between designer and builder, and having one person who does the entire job eliminates this problem.

Whoever you hire be sure you are hiring a quality person that you can work with for the long duration of the remodel job, someone who is licensed and skilled at their job, ask to see examples of their work. Do not hire just the cheapest man to do the job, you get what you pay for, and many times they will give you a low price at the front of the job but then add to it or not complete the job.

Your contractor will be sharing his expertise, he is able to design your project, give you information about products and use his contacts to help you get the best price on materials, schedule the work, control the sub-contractors and keep up with supplies on the job, and be sure your job is being done according to code, and many other jobs that may be behind the scenes. Go to your contractor, not the people who work for him whenever there are questions, just because he is not on site at all times does not mean he is not in control of what is going on. Work with your contractor and keep the lines of communication open, most problems on remodel jobs are the cause of lack of communication about your needs and concerns, your contractor should also keep you informed as to schedule and any delays or unexpected costs. A contractor who forgets to inform you of things, may not be a bad contractor, just very busy, which is one of the reason’s a good working relationship and open communication is a must during your project.

So remember, hire good people, check jobs and references and work with your contractor, you both want a smooth job with a good end product.

Does your kitchen need updating?

Does your kitchen need updating?  Maybe it’s time for a remodel, remodeling your kitchen is the best way to give your kitchen a new look.  But what if the budget is not there for a full remodel?  There are some smaller less expensive changes that you can make to your kitchen that will give you a new look without requiring a full remodel.

The most inexpensive quick fix is just to give the room a new coat of paint, change your curtains and decor items.  This will give the room a fresh new feel, but is probably not what you are hoping for.   You  can also change out your flooring, add new appliances and  new cabinet hardware.  If your cabinets are looking tired and old, a fresh coat of paint will brighten up your room.  New countertops will change the look of an old kitchen with a fresh shiny new sink and faucet.  Just changing your light fixtures can sometimes give a dark outdated kitchen a whole new look.

No matter how big or small a change you make, be sure to research the look you want and the materials for price and durability.  If you do something cheaply and then it has to be redone in no time, you haven’t really saved any money.  Do a quality job, big or small, with quality materials.

Do it yourself kitchen remodel

Have you been thinking of remodeling your own kitchen? Do it yourself (DIY) kitchen remodeling has increased in popularity. One of the reasons for this is because of the internet and the availability of materials and detailed how-to instructions. There are many kitchen remodeling how to guides available with directions, many include step-by-step pictures, lists of materials and safety tips. Unfortunately, too many homeowners mistakenly believe that a book has exactly what they need and they end up in a mess that is over their skill level. Continue reading

Home remodel and the internet

The internet has made a big impact on every aspect of life, and home remodel is no exception.   Here you can research for materials, remodeling trends and ideas, decorating and even find a contractor.

If you are planning on any kind of home remodel, the best place to start is online.  Continue reading

Home Improvement Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home

Reasoning Your Redo
Many home improvement projects begin with someone in the household saying, “Wouldn’t it be nice …?” What follows may be a wish for a remodeled kitchen or a room addition with space to accommodate every family member’s needs. However, reality usually intrudes upon this daydream: There’s only so much money and so much space. The trick is turning your dreams into reality. Start by evaluating your needs. Most homeowners consider home improvements for one of these reasons. Continue reading

Remodeling Projects That Add Value

Have you been wanting to add a room, turn a closet into a bathroom, revamp and modernize your kitchen, replace appliances, or retile the floor? Remodeling projects can really add to the usefulness and space of your home, but some will add more (and in some cases a lot more) value to your home. Here is what some of the best real estate experts are recommending: Continue reading