Home remodel in the summer heat

Summertime is often when people work on a lot of projects around the house, it is also when you need to be very careful while you are working outdoors. Once you are involved in a project it is very easy to not notice that you are getting overheated, be extra cautious and don’t forget to take protect yourself from the heat and the sun.  Try to work as much as possible in the early and later hours of the day.
Construction workers are outdoors no matter what the weather and they have to protect themselves from the elements, but they also build up a bit of a tolerance to working in the heat because they do it everyday, but if you sit in air-conditioning all day it will be even more difficult for your body to deal with the heat. This is a list put out by OSHA (US dept. of labor) that has some helpful ways to protect yourself from the summer heat while working outdoors.

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