Bathroom remodel

The bathroom is the other room in the house that is most likely to need updating. A remodeled bathroom can help increase a home’s value. In comparison to a kitchen the bathroom may seem like an easy room to remodel on your own, while the size of the room is generally smaller this is still a big job. If you only wanting a fairly simple change like a new floor, this is a good project to try if you are wanting to do your own remodel, be sure to find a book on bathroom flooring,
or go to a tile floor class offered at many home improvement stores.

Changing out your old toilet for a new water saver or replacing a worn out bathtub or shower stall, are also projects that a homeowner could tackle on their own. Always be sure you have all the materials and instructions that you need before starting a project.

It is not uncommon for many do it yourself remodelers to realize after starting that they are in way over their head, then it is time to call in the experts. If you are doing a complete gutting and remodel of your bathroom, it is also recommended that you use an expert unless you are a seasoned DIY remodeler.

If you are wanting to do a complete remodel, an experienced remodeler can help with space planning as well as tile, fixtures, cabinets etc. When you are planning your space, think about resale not just about your own preference, you may never take a bath but may people want a tub, same thing with the shower, if space allows the best thing to have is a shower stall and tub at least try to have a tub and shower unit. Many people put in big jacuzzi bath tubs that are never used and take up space, but what if you want a spa tub and you only have the space for a small one? There are now companies that make spa tubs that will fit in the space of a standard tub.

There are so many choices out there, but the best thing to do for resale value is to try to choose neutral finishes that will appeal to most people, personalize and theme your bathroom with your accessories, use purple towels and curtains but don’t install a purple toilet. Bright clean white fixtures visually enlarge a space and appeal to more people than colored fixtures.

As with any project, proper planning is very important, have an idea of what you want and don’t be overwhelmed looking at everything that is available.

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