Home remodel and the internet

The internet has made a big impact on every aspect of life, and home remodel is no exception.   Here you can research for materials, remodeling trends and ideas, decorating and even find a contractor.

If you are planning on any kind of home remodel, the best place to start is online.  Put together an idea folder of what you have in mind before you meet with your contractor or designer.   They will help you pull it all together and let you know when things won’t work, but it is helpful if they know what kind of look or feel you are wanting to achieve.  Many of the home improvement stores have websites that sell their products and show lots of display photos and ideas.   There are many designers that show photos of finished spaces, and the popular site “rate my space”  is another great place to find ideas.

As well as using the internet to research ideas for your remodel project, it is also a great place to find materials for the job.    There are so many online stores for every part of your project, and if you are uncomfortable purchasing these bigger ticket items online, you can still save time in the store by shopping on your local home improvement stores website and choosing your items before you even go into the store.

Remember when purchasing items online, talk to your contractor and be sure the item is going to work for your job, and also be sure to order your items in plenty of time for delivery so your project is not delayed waiting for material. Also the one down side to ordering online is the shipping cost, there are companies out there that now offer free shipping, many times the price of an item is low enough online that even with the shipping cost it is still quite a bit less than a store price. The only other thing to check on is the return policy and if you will be charged a restock fee.

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