Porch addition

A porch can be one of the most enjoyable additions to your home, not only does it add a design feature to the exterior of your home but it is also a room that is meant for relaxing,  a comfortable place to spend  your leisure time.  For every type of house and family’s style there is a perfect porch.   You may just want a large front porch to sit and chat with the neighbors walking by, or you may want a large sleeping porch, a porch for outdoor dining, or an all year outdoor room.

There are so many styles of porches from very simple to elaborate room style additions.   They can be furnished simply with just your favorite rocking chairs, or be a fully furnished room like any other room in your house.    There are many websites that show photos of different porch styles, and your builder should be able to design a porch that will go with the style of your home.  A great book for porch styles is “pleasures of the porch”

Here are a few that Greenwood Construction has done.

A very basic simple front porch addition
front porch remodel

Simple screen porch additions
screen porch additionscreen porch

Existing porch remodel
porch remodel

Simple all season porch
all season porch

Large all season sunroom porch addition with room for a hot tub
sunroom additionhottub in sunroon

Large covered porch addition with an all stone masonry fireplace through the roof with a tv inset, custom designed and built heavy rough sawn cypress bahama shutters, ceiling fans and recessed lighting.
 covered porch addition

Large all season porch addition with dark stained cypress plank decking, solid sassafras columns, custom made cypress doors, Heat and A/C ducts in the ceiling that are controlled by a thermostatic damper so it is possible to make the screen porch not only usable all year but comfortable. The fireplace is actually an insert supported by a block foundation and set in wood framing then veneered with large stones.
all season porchinterior all season porch

We would love to design/ build the porch of your dreams.

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